Rope Park is a new kind of outdoor activities, which successfully combines the fun and positive emotions. Elements of touristic rope crossings, different rope stages, inclined crossings - trolleys, pendulums, swings, nets, hanging bridges and many more in one place and goes well with outdoor fun activities.

Low rope park for kids is an ideal children's 'Climbing', where the child learns to pass through the rope stages at a safe height, overcome through the game his own fears without any risk.

High rope park - it is the park of extreme attractions, which allows to overcome the obstacles of varying difficulty considering the height. Using professional belay systems allows to provide the maximum safety when passing routes.


Price list of Rope Park in VERHOLY Relax Park


Service Name


Passage of a single route, children under 12 years


Passage of a single route, adults


*Total number of routes – 4

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